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>> good evening. breaking news
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out of san francisco right now where police are on the scene of officer involved shooting. it happened less than an hour ago at 14th and natoma street in the mission district just south of the 101 freeway overpass. now at this point police are not releasing which law enforcement agency fired the shot. we do know that one person was hit. right now we are expecting more details from investigators on the scene. we bring them to you as soon as we get them. gentleman and there is developing news in san rafael tonight. we were over the scene this evening after car crashed into a restaurant in the downtown area. at least one woman is seriously hurt. the restaurant lunde home cooking on fourth street between a and b streets. that's where amma is live tonight. >>reporter: fortunately lunde home cooking closed but as you said this was a pedestrians on the sidewalk. 78-year-old woman who was hit taken to marin general with major injuries. as you can see the chevy blazer is still through the front of this restaurant
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right now. it has been here for hours. look at video from when it first happened. about 5:00 o'clock while there was a farmer market going on along fourth street. now normally traffic is closed to this part of fourth street during the farmer market except to vendors who are able to go in, set up and come out. police tell me the driver of the chevy blazer was a vendor. they are not exactly sure what he was trying to do. >> he was driving west bound on fourth street and then either was turning or trying to park or doing something and whatever happened caused the car to jump the curb and struck the woman. >>reporter: again the woman taken to the hospital. the driver male adult stayed here did not take off. and currently speak with police right now. he's being very cooperative. is what i am being told. but sdents accident investigation the team on the scene for some hours before they can remove the blazer. difficult speck to the man who owns the restaurant and he says he does have insurance but he's more worried about
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that woman would was hit. live in san rafael, 7 snaws that is clearly the most important thing here. thanks very much. >> pedestrians san francisco mission district trapped for several minutes under a muni bus in a rush hour accident this evening. sky 7 hd over the escape at south van ness and 20th street as police conducted their investigation. no word on the person's condition. and look at the crash not far away on caesar chavez boulevard. police parolee crashed natural back of delivery truck. car burst into flames. 3 plain clothes cops down the street at the time pulled the parolee out of the car. it was burning when they did so. he wept to the hospital first to get checked out and then on to jail. 2 men have been declared responsible for a worldwide price fixing conspiracy and today in san francisco they were ordered to shell out half billion dollars to help make amends. the company were. judge sentenced also to 2
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taiwan executives to three years in prison. mark matthews tonight with details on this conspiracy. >>reporter: the former president of au electronic corporation and his executive vice president walked out of federal court this afternoon after being ordered to surrender to federal authorities at the end of november to again serving three year prison sentence. their former company ordered to pay half billion dollars fine. the company that tried to fight this. other companies like lg and sharp also participated in the conspiracy but they settled and admitted guilt earlier. >>reporter: consumer watch dog are applauding the prison time for these 2 men but the three years was less than a third of what the government had asked for. and a half billion dollar fine was only half of what prosecutors argued was justified. attorney remember done represented au op tropic. >> government sought the penalty of 1 billion dollars and june saw fit to impose half
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of that. and very, very substantial appellate issues about whether and to what accident american anti-trust law aplays to taiwan corporation and we'll be raising those on appeal. >>reporter: kops conspiracy to fix prisons of lcd screens began 2001. the company that agreed to settle toshiba, lg, samsung, together they have paid more than 1 billion dollars. >> this is estimated to be about maybe $25 per consumer. you can good to lcd and find out more information. you have to sign up by december if you want to get this restitution but there is a path to get monbecome for consumer. >>reporter: 7 other asian company pled guilty in the prison fixing scandal. 12 executives again to prison. sentences ranging from several months to the three years
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an lcd screen television or computer, go to abc 7 click on the see it on tv link at the top of the page. we will get you connected to that klats action lawsuit web site. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. san francisco gay rights pioneer has been arrested on child pornography charges. larry was booked into county jail today. he faces two counts of possession and distribution of child pornography. police began investigating brink after they received information from l.a. police that he was exchanging pictures of children. some as young as 2 yeast of age. they were being sexually assaulted by adult men. now this is video of brink when we highlighted the work for the san francisco human rights commission. brink wrote the city equal benefits ordinary innocence for guys and lesbian workers. man just convicted yesterday of a multi-million dollar scam is now on the run. san francisco judge issued a fugitive warrant for
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48-year-old jay shaw who disappeared after the jury found him guilty. vick lae tonight with the latest development. >> accomplice of the prince of darkness in this case that has now fled. he is a fugitive. >>reporter: district attorney george is talking about this man. jay shaw. the 48-year-old tell communication executive was just convicted yesterday along with tennis instructor winston in multi-million dollar real estate scam. shaw was facing up to 35 years in prison for his part in the swindle. he and lum were found guilty of stealing 3 exclusive condo at one lincoln hill all from owner shirley wong. prosecutors say they forged her deed and transferred the condo to shell corporation and took out millions of dollars in loans on those properties. shaw was out on bail of 1 million dollars. he was not in court when the jury verdict came down
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yesterday. >> we were led to believe that he was in a medical facility as indicated by his attorney yesterday. >>reporter: shaw attorney told the court his client was being treated for an illness here at kaiser hospital in santa clara but prosecutors later learned shaw had checked out after the verdict came down. they fear he may planning to leave the country. >> he is known to have foreign passports and l he's known to have funnel money into foreign company. >> last night san francisco and san jose airport were notified, oakland information was put out to the surrounding counties. >>reporter: now real estate broker who was also a defendant in the case was cleared of all charges. the jury acquitted him on some counts and hung on the rest. district attorney george says he's considering retraining him. vick lae, 7 news. rare technological mistake
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has apple asking the customers to be patient. the new operating google map with apple own application but early adopters call it a failure. bridges and over are also a problem. road to hoover dam takes a big dip as you can see. so does the manhattan bridge. now if you look live oakland 9 80 freeway look like they have new rock climbing wall and monster truck ramp. this is live on the web now. apple map show a wool worth even though the stores is defunct. falkland island you would never know because there's no data there. in new york madison square garden looks like a park because of the word garden in the name. statue of liberty is completely missing. apple says it's working on a fix and in a statement apple says map is a cloud base solution and more people would use it the better it will get. in the mean time these are the lines of the i-phone 5. which does come out tomorrow. first person outside the one in
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palo alto stake his claim on monday. pre-sale i-phone 5 orders were gone in an hour. leaving the truly devoted with limited option. including pitching tent. >> my kids come out so when they are done with school they come and they join me here and we watch movies together and reed book and talk and camp out. you can camp out in the forest if you wachbility i camp out at apple. >> palo alto store has 500 i-phone in stock. so almost everyone should be able to get one who is in license right no now. short of growing line is recorded at apple store in downtown san francisco. tm. >> touch down for the space shuttle endeavor at edwards air force base in southern california. certainly a beautiful sight today. so impressive. the final flight of the endeavor will bring it over the bay area tomorrow. golden gate bridge and nasa aims research center at moffitt field first time in history. researchers can't wait. more from tl our
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reporter. if. >>reporter: it's the last flight for space shuttle endeavor tomorrow. on the way to its final resting place at los angeles it will make its first and last flight over moffitt field paying homage to nasa workers here. >> w w we are very proud of tha that it's paying tribute to the people who work many years. space shuttle over 30 years old and many people who are here now work on it from the very, very beginning. >>reporter: instrumental in the development of the space shuttle program and in the creation of endeavor itself. >> win vented the space shuttle tiles here at nasa aims. very design of the shuttle itself was based on wind tunnel test done here at aims. >>reporter: 8 to continue,000 people are expected to pack in moffitt field for total morning once in a life time low fly over. along with those crowds there is the anticipated on looker traffic intermingle with the usual morning rush hour. california highway patrol officer hope drivers take heed ahead of tomorrow spectacle.
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>> whatever you do please do not stop on the side zoo of the roadway because obviously this is going to be a distraction for people and not only that, very unsafe to stop on the side of the freeway and also against the law. >>reporter: back at nasa aims division chief of flight operation roy williams today through a barbecue for employee in appreciation of the hard work preparation for tomorrow event. >> it will be early day starting at 5:00 o'clock or so. >>reporter: he worked here for 27 years but never seen a shuttle fly. that makes tomorrow final flight the only he will ever witness. something he and the colleague call bitter sweet. >> still more of nasa left and we have some exciting things coming in the future and it's a great time to be in space exploration. >>reporter: gates here open at 6:30 tomorrow morning but the fly over isn't until 10. scheduled between 10 and 10:45 mountain view police expect traffic to be heavily impacted on highway 101, 2 37 and 85. at moffitt field, abc 7 news.
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all right it is an exciting day tomorrow. here's a little bit more on the time line for tomorrow final flight. 747 carrying endeavor scheduled to lift off from edwards air force base in southern california at 7:15 in the morning. then head north passing over the state capitol in sacramento some time after 8 from what we understan understand. the shuttle should pass over the east bay around 8:30. even a viewing party at science center. then a low flying pass over the golden gate bridge right after that. between nip and 9:30 endeavor make a tribute flight in mountain view. scientist spent decades working on the shuttle program. after that it's back to southern california for fly overs over spots including disneyland. that's around 1 10:30 in the morning. endeavor will then go on permanent display at the california science center in los angeles. i ran a lot past you. we have all this information posted on our web site. nasa encouraging people to
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report endeavor sightings on twitter using the hash tag spot the shuttle and o v 105 which is endeavor orbit vehicle designation. send photo of the shuttle to us as well. love to get some on the air at abc 7 news bay area. well, will the weather hold for the shuttle viewing tomorrow? sandy is here. >>reporter: yes it's going to be picture perfect weather depending on where you are. if this is any indication then we have ideal viewing conditions. i'll be back with the best have you gone spots around the bay area based on sky conditions coming up. >> thanks investment also ahead. thieves putting neighborhood at risk as the latest scrap metal target. >> and 11-year-old oakland boy in the hospital tonight after shot in his sleep. family is home was riddled with bullet. we have the latest on the story. >> watch this. this soccer player may not have known what he was picking up. fan throw all kinds of things out on the field these days but grenade
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about. >> this officer brought a lot of chaos and danger to everybody to this station at quarter to 9 that night. >> a rally this evening to honor teenager shot to death during a struggle with police in south san francisco. would
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have turned 16 today. his family friends gather at the gas station on west borough boulevard shot in june. district attorney investigation determined an officer acted properly when he shot gains while the teenager reached for a gun. the gains family feel the death was avoidable. >> none of the facts add up. so many the truth will come out. >>reporter: the inquirey revealed the gun that gains had been carrying could not be fired bit also noted the officer who fired the deadly shot had no way of knowing gains weapon didn't work. in oakland tonight. police searching for the people who shot and nearly killed an 11-year-old boy. he was sleeping when someone opened fire on their family him. bullet tearing through the house. l nick smith is on that story. >>reporter: 11-year-old is recovering from injuries he suffered when bullet spray the home early this morning. there are more than 15 bullet hole in the wall of this bedroom.
9:19 pm
11-year-old hernandez sleeping early this morning when barrage of bullet fired at the home he shares with his family. the family tells me a bullet hit the boy chest and lodged in the liver. they say doctors believe he will need at least 4 surgeries. police say the small home at 2 21 make road in east oakland targeted. they are not saying why they believe that and their investigation is yet to determine who fired those shots. according to the family he's at the hospital awake alert with his father by his side. oakland police still lacking for the gunman or gunmen responsible and they are asking that with anyone information contact the police department. veteran san jose firefighters now recovering at home after suffering a massive heart attack while fighting a fire last month. frank ryan was release from the hospital on wednesday. 41-year-old collapsed as crews were tackling a fire at saint patrick cathedral on east santa clara street on august the 30t
9:20 pm
30th. but again he's now recovering at home. so good news progress for the firefighters. spencer is off. sandy is in with theorecast. would you say it looks pretty good for shuttle viewing depending. >> flying high tomorrow night dan. after viewing the shuttle i think most areas it's going to be favorable for the fly over. i'll show you detailed look in just a moment. right now live picture from our high definition mount tamalpiais camera. out to the bay and san francisco. sky us can see pretty clear tonight. l the fog layer is just under 1,000 feet. very shall o. n it does return it's only going to return in patches over nature tonight. so here's the deal. look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see clear conditions other than the high clouds that are moving through. the only change is going to be in the form of patchy low clouds by morning. temperatures look like this 50's at the coast. 60's most other areas except antioch at 72 degrees and we
9:21 pm
will notice the temperatures will fall once again tonight so chilly night ahead. patchy clouds mild weather tomorrow. and we lack at warmer conditions for the first day of fall which takes place this saturday morning 7:49. tomorrow morning you will need the extra layer. it is going to be on the chilly side on the north bay where numbers dip to the mid to upper 40's. patchy clouds around the bay and temperature in most other areas low to mid 50's. nights getting longer and colder out there. okay mostly clear when the shuttle play over takes place heading in the state capitol. low cloud layer 1,000 feat as it turns towards the golden gate bridge and heads back to moffitt field it should be mostly clear vawing at that point. of course the times are changing so stay tuned. depending on the weather conditions but this is the set up as of right new. if you leif on the peninsula south bay or east bay or you have plans to check out from these areas, it's picture perfect. if you are near the golden gate bridge you have a pretty good chance
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because that fog layer should be shallow enough to burn off quickly so i think it's looking all good. as we head in the weaned it's looking great. area of low pressure taking a turn to the pacific northwest then down the sierra so won't come down right over the bay area like originally we expected which means it's looking warmer for your weekend for any out door plans especially on saturday compared to what we originally thought so here are your high pressure for the south bay. 73 san jose. 71 in sunnyvale up to 76 los gatos. certainly see occasional high clouds. mountain view 72 degrees. 69 in san mateo low 60's coast side. patch or 2 of clouds into the afternoon. downtown san francisco 64 degrees. yes these numbers are still a little bit cooler than average for this time of year. north bay community 76 petaluma, ia calistoga, santa rosa up to 80, head out to the east bay 68 in hayward 69 for new oakland. inland areas nice mild 84 in antioch livermore 81 and monterey bay you see the high
9:23 pm
clouds coming through. 72 in santa cruz. 7 day forecast mild ending to summer. it's a warmer beginning to fall. equinox at 7:49 saturday morning. dip in the temperatures on suchbilityd i mean a tiny dip. then just going to be minor up and down next week as we head back to work it's fall fine looking fall wichblingts i like it. you are a very good tip theer but coming up, paying a waiter a 30 percent tip? well still to come tonight. city that is asking customers to do exactly that. we have the story plus no cash no problem. tip jars? problem. tip jars? no electronic. 7 news at 9:00
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>> preparation under way for mitt romney latest fundraising swing through the bay area. republican presidential candidate will be in hillsboro tomorrow night at private 5 50,000 dollar per person event at the strawberry hill estate. e election mitt romney is losing key member of his campaign. former minnesota governor is resigning as co-chair of romney presidential effort. he will be ceo of lobbying firm for the financial services industry. popular video sharing site is introducing a tip jar feature to help movie makers earp money off the creation. button activated next to the video allowing viewers to donate 1 drr to 500 dollars by credit card or pay pal. >> in a bid to boost the wages waiters in new york city are suggesting that diners increase tips to 30 percent. minimum wage in new york is 7. 25 an
9:28 pm
hour. it's common practice these days to tip up to 20 percent. expert tells the post that tip i hope cease is to be expected slowly going up. in the mean time some cafe and shops in new york are adding dip jars. did he advice allows a customer to swipe the credit or debit card to give a pre-set tip to employee. work versus notice add dip in tips because of increase in the use of plastic for purchase so now they want awill you to you tip electronically. >> more to bring you tonight. trap surge in afghanistan is over. we have that story just ahead. plus. >> tough questions for the white house. consulate attack in libya. could the death of ambassador stevens and 3 others have been prevented? >> then soccer player picks up something off the field. throw is off to the side and then is off to the side and then boom. what
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>> there are new questions tonight about the attack in libya that cost the lives of 4 americans including ambassador chris stevens. president and secretary of state hillary clinton are being asked whether this tragedy was the work of an angry mob or a methodically engineered terrorist attack. jonathan karl has more. >>reporter: it was the very first question for president obama at for number miami today. why wasn't there more security at the u.s. consulate in libya? he didn't directly answer. >> when the initial events happened in cairo and all across the region we worked with secretary clinton to redouble our security. our goal now is not only to make sure that our embassy and diplomat are safe but also to make sure we bring those who carried out these events to justice.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: white house today for the first time called the assault on the consulate a terrorist attack. mounting question about how it all happened. >> was there actionable intelligence prior to this attack? and if there was not, why not? >>reporter: administration has suggested there was no advance warning because the attack was spontaneous reaction to the anti-muslim video that sparked protest in egypt last week. >> what this began as was a spontaneous not premeditated response to what had transpired in cairo, republican say that's just not right. >> what happened in benghazi was not anti-american protest. it was not as a result of you tube video. it was an orchestrated anti-american terrorist attack. >> shows the level of their abysmal level of their knowledge about fundamental aspects of terrorist attacks and militant operations. >>reporter: pop intelligence official told congress yesterday that al qaeda likely did play a role regardless of
9:34 pm
whether it was a pre-planned or spontaneous ataichblingt still developing facts and still looking for any indications of substantial advance planning. we just haven't seen that at this point. >>reporter: men while tripoli today at memorial for the 4 americans killed libya president paid tribute ambassador chris stevens as friend of the lybian people. >> jonathan caryl reporting there were reports today that a steve instant believed he was on a terrorist hit list but the administration says it has no reason to believe that that was the case. last of 33,000 surge troops has left afghanistan. draw down deadline is the end of this month. 66,000 american forces are still in the war zone. many training afghan soldiers. man accused of shooting up that colorado movie theater looked very different at his hearing today. camera were not allowed in the courtroom but this photo shows how james holmes looks now. his hair is
9:35 pm
short and it is his natural brown not the bright orange the day of the shooting we saw right after the july shooting that killed 12 people. very different indeed. pros cawtors today gave up the effort to see a notebook that holmes mailed to psychiatrist the night of the shooting rampage saying they didn't want to hold up the case with that issue. burglar behind string of commercial break-ins in sonoma couldn't caught. sadly only on tape. surveillance video from september 16 shows him breaking into bill's market on highway 116 in graten. detectives say the man first disabled the alarm then once inside sparks fly as he use as power tool to cut in a box below the registe register. he's in his 30's or 40's 6 feet tall an wearing white baseball cap dark gray sweatshirt and blue jeans same man suspected in two other commercial burglary in northern sonoma coin. >> modest to thieves target very strange item for scp metal. latest series of thefts
9:36 pm
is more than costly houvrment it can be dangerous. abc tim daly explains y.fishingts might seem they are installing a new fire hydrant on clare teen avenue and far north modest to. they are actually repolice ago stolen hydrant. 5 new hade rant are in this part of the city after 5 at a cost of 700 dollars each were stolen. >> where do they go is a good question. 2 places it's scrap somewhere or possibly a contract or using on job swlichlt if you imagine this theft t-the thieves are smaert than. that they cut off the supply of water first. >> apparently they know how to shut the valve down out in the street. they have to have the correct tool then steal the hydrant. >>reporter: all were stolen in neighborhood where homes have yet to be built no. actual home on fire would have burned
9:37 pm
to the ground because the water supply was cut off. still, the hydrant were working and could have been used for a grass fire after replacement are fasten water released to make sure they work. scrap metal or in this case iron goes for 12 cents a pound. stolen hydrant might have brought the thief or thieves 12 dollars. in modest to, abc 7 news. more to bring you tonight. best berth control for teechblingts up next. doctors come out with new guide lanes. >> plus sand toy on steroids. that's how our heather describes the work going on at ocean beach in san francisco. ocean beach in san francisco. running ahe
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>> teenager girls may prefer to use the pill or maybe the patch when it comes to birth control but leading gynecologist say the doctor should recommend iud or hormone implant. it's said that iud are long lasting and more effective than other mean means. >> welcome news for anyone who rely on san francisco great highway to get around town. sand management project that has closed south bound lanes from lincoln avenue intergolden gate park all the way to sky line boulevard past the zoo will wrap up 4 days ahead of schedule this coming monday. more now from transportation reporter heather. >>reporter: like sand toy on steroids. dump truck and bulldozers humming up and down san francisco ocean beach for a month. taking sand from the north where the wind pile up too much and moving it to the swlouvt there wasn't enough. 97-year-old patrick watching the shifting sands her for 70 years.
9:42 pm
>> appears to be one of the bi biggest sand drift in the world down south few miles. >>reporter: it still is despite man attempt to pave it over. only now the tide drifting sand and erosion that comes along with it is threatening to wash away the highway and the city oceanside water pollution control plant. damage there could be a public health and environmental disaster. >> with the storms in 2009 there was a lot of erosion and part of the roadway washed awa away. so they did temporary measures. some rock abuttment and things and this is another interim measure. >>reporter: month long project moved equivalent of 30 olympic size swimming pool of sand and spread it across 700 feet of coast line. >> we are almost done. >>reporter: south bound great highway has been closed weekday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the last month so the truck could have exclusive use of the lanes. project was scheduled to go until the 28th but will wrap up 4 days early this come monday. they will be
9:43 pm
monitoring what happens to the newly placed sand as they newly placed sand as they consider a long-term solution. >> differential alternative being discussed. one is to move the highway back behind the zoo. cupid of i hoping. to let the beach sort of reclaim what it want to reclai reclaim. >>reporter: something called the ocean beach master plan does offer a vision of what should happen out here over the next 50 years but that vision would be very expensive and right now there's no telling where that money would come from. at ocean beach, heather, abc 7 news. of imagine afraid of heights then finding yourself stuck 300 feet off the ground. that's what happened to woman last night at knots berry farm. up next how being trapped has changed her life. stay with us chang[ male announcer ] with us citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances
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citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> look like the folk are temporarily stuck up high >> it was really scary. >> just started going a little bit slower and then stopped. >> yes it stopped for 4 hours. now we brought you the story last night but what we correspondent know at the time was that among those dangling was a woman whose husband was asking her to conquer her fear of heights by joining him on that ride. it was anything but amusing of course. story now from of david wright. >>reporter: among the 20 people left hanging at knots berry farm, donna and jim of baltimore. that's him waving. and her holding on for dear life. she actual hi got on this ride because she's afraid of heights. you were hoping to cop customer your fear of height. >> yes. >>reporter: they didn't bargain for the wind seek wore get stuck. 300 feet up for 4
9:48 pm
excruciating hours. >> i tell you the first hour was pretty rocky. i have panic attacks so hyper ventilate. i shake. >>reporter: let's try and laugh bit. >> he knew factually how to hold my happened what to say and encourage me to know that, you know, we are going to live to see another day. >>reporter: it worked. day turned into night she actually started to relax. >> i go the to see a sunset. it was nice. >> not quite the sun set you bargain for. >>reporter: i thought it was on the ocean. now down safe and so you know donna is cured. no listeninger afriday of heights. >> let's say i'm a lot better. a lot better. >>reporter: now afraid of amusement park rides. new t-shirt says i survived the wind seeker. >> sure d.survived it. david wright abc news knots berry farm. >> she's chuckling about it. imam how terrifying it much.
9:49 pm
>> one last check on the weather. sandy is here and you have to look what's going around the state. >> yes. if you are going around the state dan it's looking good. show you the high for tomorrow. san diego 80 degrees. 86 los angeles. dense morning fog then sunshin sunshine. feel the heat in palm springs 105 heading up to yosemite 93 degrees. tahoe 80 tomorrow slight chance of showers we head into sunday of course 88 in sacramento. 59 in eureka a and big sur 68 degree degrees. nice looking around the state and mild weather tomorrow. 64 in san francisco. 62 in half machine bay. out to oakland richmond upper 60's. fairfield 81. life more same thing 84 in antioch. peninsula palo alto 72. up in the north bay we go 80 in santa rosa. occasional high clouds tomorrow for the last day of summer. mild pattern but we warm it up for you on saturday as autumn arrives. slight dip on sunday
9:50 pm
only to rebound on monday. see the the ems there. quite comfortable. 60's coast side 80's inland. >> nice. >> i don't think it gets better than this. >> thank you very much. >> thinks unbelievable. soccer game takes explosive turn after a grenade nearly blows up in a player hand. look what happened here. happened during asian champion league quarter final match in iran. player in the yellow jersey on the far left picking up a black device and tossing it off the field. moments later it blows up. watch. explosion rattle the player who narrowly escaped lasting a limb. nobody was hurt but whenever through the explosive is still on the loos loose. how awful. scary. all right larry is off. nothing quite that dramatic. >> not much drama about the jeenlts. remember a couple years they won it all. every game was a nail biter this year not a whole lot of suspense.
9:51 pm
magic in the area as -- air as giants close in on west giants close in on west division titles seco
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>> we remind you now about our new afternoon line up. general hospital is now an hour early at 1:00 o'clock. who wants to be a millionaire is on at 2 followed by jeopardy at 2:30. then there's katie new daytime talk show at 3:00 followed by abc 7 nuts at 4. now continuing coverage tonight on 7 news at 11:00 on the officer involved shooting in san francisco. we expect to hear from police about what led to that shooting. we'll update you of course. another student comes down with chicken pox at san francisco state. the letter just gone out to students because of that. big solar project that its making a lot of people unhappy. abc 7 news i team investigates and get results. you will sea
9:55 pm
those stories coming up at 11 on channel 7. larry off and rick is here. where is the drama? >> not whole lot. they could clinch by this saturday. >> really that's drama 8. getting close. giants continue to steam roll their way to the play offs. this afternoon they completed 4 game sweep of lowell rockies. 49ers quarterback smith showed his support the other day by wearing a giants cap and today manager bruce returned the favor. another solid outing 2 run striking out 6 for zit 0. san francisco broke it open with a 6 run fourth. sandoval with second runner of the day. 3 run shot. last few games he has 3 homeers and 7 rbi. with crowd chanting mvp buster follows the blast with one of his own. giants win 9-2. magic number down to just 3. >> the guys are playing well. place with a lot of well.
9:56 pm
really everybody. >>reporter: despite mega payroll the dodgers not getting much bang for the group. cuts the lead in half with 4th inning shot. that's l.a. only run. answer in their half and double down the line. all the way from first washington wins 4-1. since the senator way back in 1933. good news bad news for the a's. bad is starter anderson miss the regular of the season with strind oblique muscle. good. oakland beat did he detroit to beat no and struggled first 2 games in the series and that wasn't the case and smith delivers a solo shot off sanchez. his 14th of the sen l ties at 2. oakland took the lead in the sixth. george flies with town center. austin
9:57 pm
jackson gets pulled by the a's 6 3 on to. added 6 more runs in the 9th. smith clears the base was the double down the line. smith went 3 for 4 with 4 rbi. 12 4 is the title. 4 games in the west. on thursday night football the giants at carolina on their mind. new york was missing 3 starters on offense but had no trouble with the panthers. whoever said being a cameraman is easy never shot a football game from the side line. look out. brad shaw out with a neck injury. brown stepped in and did just fine. ran for 113 yards and pair of touch downs. while newton threw 3 interception. he connected with him until today 36 to receive victory. >> cal bears at usc this
9:58 pm
saturday. trojan not in the best of mood after guest upset by stanford last week. yesterday head coach ended post practice interview after just 30 seconds when asked a question about an injured player. >> college content. >> i don't know. >> you mention how p. >> i have to go. >> report we are stunned when he run off. this year the football program began policy which for bid the media from asking about injuries seen while watching practice. you can expect cal to give running back a video after performance. sophomore carried 4 times but finished with 160 yards and 2 touch down. he misses entire season senior in high school after tearing the acl in the right knee twice. when it happened the second time he thought his career was over. >> i was like i think i'm about done with football. there's no
9:59 pm
way i can continue this but got to huge joy from my dad. he's like go ahead and do it again and let's go back at it. its do it again. >>reporter: bears happy he didn't quit. greg norman raised eyebrow saying tiger woods was in tim dated by mc elroy. wasn't justin owns a share of the lead after one round. look at the long putt on line and makes hard right turn goes in for the birdie. tiger is tied for the top spot. 6 birdie and this one on 16. she is 3 strokes back. >> tiger may not be intimidated but others are. >> not a bit. >> that's our here on tv 20.

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